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If you've been attending for a while and would call Capstone your home, we'd encourage you to make use of the online directory. This is primarily helpful for putting names to faces, and faces to names! 

The online directory only displays your name and picture; it does not display anyone's phone number, email, or home address.


You can access the directory through the Church Center app or by clicking the button below.

First, you'll need to reach out to the church office, and we will give you access to the online directory. As a security feature, it is not possible for anyone to join or view the directory without a staff member manually adding them.

Once we have given you permission to access the directory, you can add and/or update your picture. Please note that there is a distinction between your family/household picture, and individual pictures. It would be helpful if you did both!

Within your profile settings, you can also select whether or not you want others in the directory to be able to message you. If this is enabled, others will be able to send you a message through the directory, which will show up as an email in your inbox. It will not reveal your email unless you choose to reply back.

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