Connecting with one of our Capstone house churches is a great way to meet new people, build on the teaching from Sunday morning, and encourage one another as we share life together.

The weekly gatherings of these small groups are shaped by four rhythms inspired by the description of the early church in Acts 2.

Reflection. Time spent intentionally reflecting on the text of Scripture and its relevance to our lives.

Fellowship. Time spent sharing life with one another as we get to know each other's story, share meals together, and draw on our resources to meet each other's needs.

Prayer. Time spent praying with and for one another both when we gather during the week and when we are apart.

Mission. Time spent serving the community beyond our house church as well as encouraging and equipping one another to make Jesus known in our families, workplace, schools, and neighbourhoods.


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How do I get connected?

For the time being most of our house churches are meeting online while some are meeting in-person at one of our church buildings
(763 or 1483 Royal York Rd) or outdoors in a backyard to accommodate our safety guidelines.

In light of this, the meeting times and locations listed here are in the process of being updated and may not be accurate.

If you're interested in getting connected with a house church, fill out the
Get Connected Form, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

If you have any questions about House Church or just want more general information, contact us at: or call 416-244-7102

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