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Welcome to Capstone Church!
Below we have listed the contact information for various ministries and inquiries at Capstone.

You can also contact the church office if you have any general questions.

P - 416-231-6483

E -

Ministry Contacts

Baptism & Dedications

Rob Cripps -


Care Needs & Prayer Requests

Andrew Ironside -

(You can also connect with any of the church elders)


Donations, Tithing, Tax Receipts, etc.:

Rebecca Sandercock -


Food Bank - General Inquiries:

Rebecca Sandercock & Gail Flores -


Food Bank - Vision and Strategy:

Jesse Sudirgo -


House Church:

Katie Ogiba -


Kids & Youth Ministry (Participating or Volunteering):

Joanne Jackson -



Andrew Ironside -


Men’s, Women’s, and Seniors Ministry:

Joanne Jackson -



John-Mark Cockram -

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